Eases snack cravings with one savory cup

First-of-its-kind product created by a school teacher who needed a solution for snack cravings between classes.

We believe that simple solutions in the kitchen keep life tasty. Our Sipping Broth in a tea bag was created by a school teacher who wanted a healthy and natural solution for her snack cravings between classes.

The result is our specially-formulated natural, gluten free and vegan infused combination of green tea, savory herbs and spices. Just one cup is all it takes to ease the cravings and keep you satisfied.

We know you'll like it! - Llance and Lori

"...this tea tastes like the carefully crafted
broth your grandma used to make
on cold winter nights
" - Tea Magazine
"Sharing Mom's comfort food in a hot beverage
... a win-win for the couple behind the innovative new
Millies Savory Teas."
- Epicurious
"Iím a believer and a buyer of
Millies Savory Teas."
Vacation Gals Travel Blog


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